Combined, the team at Anderson Welding LLC has been serving the industry for over 30 years. Providing quality fabrication across New England as well as traveling capabilities throughout the entire nation.

We provide our services to many natural gas facilities, power stations, steam plants, and utilities companies.

AWCO is continuously adapting to new industry standards and technological advancements. We stay on top of new equipment that allows our team to fabricate and weld in a faster and more efficient pace. In return, this ensures a higher standard in production as well as a more cost-efficient alternative to traditional manufacturing processes.

Additional Services

Natural Gas/Steam Utility General Contracting

Manage projects from inception to completion

Mechanical Services

From Gasket installation to final bolt torquing

Instrumentation and Tubing

Odorant Services


Emergency Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance Services

Shutdowns, Routine Maintenance, Valve removal and replacement, Gasket removal and replacement, Pressure testing, and Leak inspections.