Over the last several years AWCO has developed a professional team qualified to prefabricate, paint, perform site work, test and install a verity of regulator stations across the New England area for several utility companies. AWCO’s attention to detail and flexibility in scheduling allows us to build regulation stations in house and test them prior to being disassembled and re-assembled on site to minimize down time.

AWCO has recently completed three bridge crossings in Fairfield Maine, consisting of 1000’ of steel pipe under the bridges and 300’+ of HDPE plastic fused pipe connecting them.

Due to the congested day time road traffic, this project was completed during night shift.

Timeline: July 15, 2019 - October 31, 2019

AWCO was contracted by a privately owned compressed natural gas (CNG) transportation and decompression company to upgrade their facility. This upgrade allowed for bi-directional compression of CNG either from the main pipeline into their truck stations, or from the truck stations into the main pipeline. 

This project consisted of ~2500 welds on extra heavy stainless steel and standard wall carbon steel.

This project’s deadline was highly sensitive. Missing the deadline would have come with major financial impacts to the client as their operation would not have been able to start on time. AWCO was able to deliver this project ahead of schedule allowing the client to get a head start on their operation.